Funeral Advantage Saves Families Money


Why Do Families Choose Funeral Advantage?

The mission of Funeral Advantage is to help make sure things go smoothly and easily for the loved ones in charge of your funeral arrangements. Funeral Advantage is not a pre-payment plan nor does it utilize a network of funeral homes or cemeteries. What makes Funeral Advantage unlike any other final expense policy is its partnership with the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society® (FCGS). The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) is an independent senior consumer advocate organization that is not affiliated with any religion, funeral home, cemetery, or any particular funeral approach – giving you maximum flexibility. There is never any obligation or pressure to buy anything as a member.

Funeral Advantage Benefits

Without a plan to follow, those who will be handling your final arrangements are very likely to end up overspending by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Your loved ones may even have to go into debt as a result. Every Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage policy comes with a number of benefits that separate it from other life insurance plans. Funeral Advantage helps surviving loved ones in charge of funeral arrangements cope with the many details that immediately arise, so everything goes smoothly during a time of intense emotions and stress. We’re here to help members save money on their funeral, yet still have the quality funeral they desire —without putting any financial burden on family or friends.

Free Plan Safekeeping

Your membership information will be safely stored. It will be accessible only to you and the people you choose, so that it may instruct them how to carry out your final wishes. You may make changes to your plan anytime you wish.

Free Plan Access For Your Loved Ones

When your membership card arrives in the mail, you will also receive 4 access cards. They should be given to those who are most likely to take care of your final arrangements someday.

Free Plan Activation

Upon notification of your death, the FCGS will immediately contact the funeral home of your choice by telephone and will act as your loved ones’ intermediary, informing the funeral director of the Final Arrangements you have planned — with emphasis on staying within the budget you have determined.


Whether you’re looking to get a quote for yourself, for a loved one, or have questions about life insurance in general, we’re here to help. Helping you understand your options is our top priority.

What You Get With
Funeral Advantage

What You Get With
Other Final Expense Plans

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Fast Cash to Cover Final Expenses

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Families can pay funeral bills and wait for reimbursement

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Approved Claims Paid in 24 Hours

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Benefits check can take weeks or months to reach your family

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Expert Price Guidance
Professional funeral cost advice and price savings

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No guidance or savings

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Emotional Support
Caring and experienced help for your loved ones

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No support offered

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Simplified Coverage
Just a one-page application

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Confusing insurance applications

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Easy Qualifications
No medical exam, just simple health questions

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Medical exams?
Tests, background checks?

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Affordable Monthly Rates
Perfect for families on a fixed income

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Low “intro” rates, such as $1 for the first month, quickly increase

Free Info & Quote

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How The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society® Helps

Funeral Planning Assistance

The FCGS helps you get your Funeral Plan done according to your wishes. It will be one of your most important personal documents upon your death. It answers the questions that must be answered, and makes the decisions that must be made. Your Funeral Plan can prevent confusion… arguments…worry. It can also prevent over-spending by loved ones during an emotionally vulnerable time because your Plan puts you in charge of what your funeral will cost.

Funeral Plan Activation Help

One phone call to notify the FCGS of your passing saves loved ones from a lot of work and stress. The FCGS contacts select funeral homes in your area, provides them with your Funeral Plan, and supports the budgetary details as set forth in your Plan, helping your family find price discounts whenever possible.

Funeral Funding Information

The FCGS can help you make sure the person taking care of your final arrangements will quickly receive the money they need to pay your funeral bills — without putting any big financial strain on you. You can use our Funeral Cost Estimate tool to help determine how much you’ll need.

Funeral Plan Security Service

The FCGS stores your Funeral Plan safely for you in its secure computer archives. It is available to you any time through a special coded ID card. Revise your Funeral Plan as you wish — no hassle, no wait.

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