Funeral Advantage Is The #1 Final Expense Insurance Program In The Nation
It's easier and more affordable than you think!

About The Funeral Advantage Program

Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage is one of the nation’s leaders in helping people cover their funeral costs and other final expenses. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, the median cost of a funeral is $9,000. This may include the cost of one’s cemetery property or memorial marker, but does not include any debts that may have accumulated up until the time of death. Every Funeral Advantage final expense policy includes a free membership in the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society® to help your loved ones save on funeral costs. The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society is an independent organization dedicated to helping funeral purchasers get a fair deal.

Your Funeral Advantage Benefit Gives Your Loved Ones Up To $35,000 Cash For Your Final Expenses.

Your affordable premium can’t be increased — regardless of changes in your health.
Your cash benefit amount can’t be lowered as long as premiums are paid – which makes Funeral Advantage a plan you can count on.
Your coverage is appropriate to your age and health — various plans are available, even those with health problems may qualify.

What You Get With
Funeral Advantage

What You Get With
Other Final Expense Plans

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Fast Cash to Cover Final Expenses

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Families can pay funeral bills and wait for reimbursement

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Approved Claims Paid in 24 Hours

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Benefits check can take weeks or months to reach your family

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Expert Price Guidance
Professional funeral cost advice and price savings

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No guidance or savings

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Emotional Support
Caring and experienced help for your loved ones

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No support offered

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Simplified Coverage
Just a one-page application

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Confusing insurance applications

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Easy Qualifications
No medical exam, just simple health questions

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Medical exams?
Tests, background checks?

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Affordable Monthly Rates
Perfect for families on a fixed income

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Low “intro” rates, such as $1 for the first month, quickly increase

Free Info & Quote

Get state-specific facts on funeral costs, funeral planning, and more by filling out the form below.

AM BestRated A- Excellent by A.M. Best

55 Years of ServiceSince 1963

BBBRated A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Family Support

Most life insurance companies consider a policy closed once the claim is paid. But at Lincoln Heritage, we don’t consider the job done until our policyholder’s family has completed your final arrangements. This means going the extra mile to ensure your family has an advocate on their side when dealing with funeral homes and purchasing different items and services. With Funeral Advantage:

  • You decide the style of funeral you want. A 2-page final wishes form makes it fast and simple, letting you outline important details
  • The Funeral Consumer Guardian Society will keep your wishes safe and secure until your family needs them
  • Your loved ones will receive a 24-hour service number to call in time of need – day or night, we’ll be there
  • When it’s time to fulfill your final wishes, the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society gets to work immediately, comparing different funeral homes to find your loved ones the best price available
  • With Funeral Advantage, our policyholder families can save an average of $1,800 on traditional funerals and $600 on cremation.

Life Insurance Cash Benefit

Everyone needs life insurance, no matter your age, who you’re trying to protect, or what you’re trying to leave behind. But not all life insurance is the same. Some policies – like term insurance – can take weeks or months to pay out. Smaller policies – like final expense insurance – have fast payouts and easy applications. The beauty of planning for your final expenses now is you are taking action to protect grieving loved ones from a substantial burden someday — one they may be poorly equipped to successfully take on, either financially or emotionally. Every Funeral Advantage policy from Lincoln Heritage features the following:

  • Approved claims paid in 24 hours
  • Final expense benefits available up to $35,000
  • No medical exam is needed to apply for coverage — just a few health questions on the application
  • Simple, one-page application makes the process easy
  • 99% of applicants qualify for coverage, even when they have health issues
  • Your rate and benefit are locked in as long as premiums are paid
  • $100,000 additional benefit for accidental death is available

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